Creating Opportunities in San Antonio, Guatemala

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ng Opportunities in San Antonio, Guatemala

At Lucia’s Imports, our mission ensures we make a difference in the lives of our artisan partners. We directly purchase from two ceramic workshops in San Antonio Palopó, Guatemala: Mayan KE and Ceramicas Palopó. Ken Edwards, a Mexican potter, founded the first workshop in 1992 in order to give men who were unable to attend school the opportunity of a steady income. Many similar workshops are unable to reach the market because of their remote location, but after attending a trade show in Guatemala, Lucia’s Imports discovered Mayan KE and Ceramicas Palopó, creating a valuable business partnership. Even though the workshops are still remote, by having a partnership with Lucia’s Imports, the artisans can keep up to date with modern trends and demands in the American marketplace.

Since their foundation, the workshops have expanded to employ over 20 artisans, including seven women. After a visit to the workshops a few years ago, Lucia’s Imports wanted to see more women working. Several women were uninterested at first but were eventually hired when they realized the work and pay were steady. Mayan KE and Ceramicas Palopó have consistent orders from Lucia’s Imports which in turn provides steady incomes for employees.

As Lucia’s Imports grows, more job opportunities will be created for locals in San Antonio. Many artisans at the workshops did not have the opportunity of an education because they had to help earn a small income for their families. Now, those artisans’ children will be able to go to school and expand their opportunities in the future without sacrificing their education.

Learn more about our Guatemalan artisans here!


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